IQBoxy expense management at a glance of your Apple Watch

At a Swipe stay on top of your expense receipts.

See instantly expense receipts incurred today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month or last month.

Apple Watch gives you a faster complete picture of your expenses because the content is right there. There is no need to pull the phone out or navigate. IQBoxy on Watch shows you what's more important everytime. Just raise your wrist and swipe. It's that easy.

Apple Watch running IQBoxy to stay on top of your expense receipts.
IQBoxy on Watch vizualizing monthly expenses

At a Glance your monthly expenses visualized.

Raise your arm, look at your Apple Watch and instantly see a monthly summary of all your expenses. Tap and hold your watch's screen to gain more detail.

User story

Liam is a financially savvy individual.

Liam has the Apple Watch running IQBoxy app. He knows that keeping on top of of your expenses is a great start to better money management. Yet, the best of us fail to do it because of the additional energy (effort) required.

That’s all solved with IQBoxy.

He glances at his watch. Instantly a line chart shows trending expenses for the month appears. He can end the glance now or continue to interact with the Apple Watch.

A single swipe on the Apple Watch face shows Liam his expenses from today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month or last month. Each screen also breaks down the transaction by currency type eg. Australia, USA, New Zealand etc.

Staying on top of expenses helps Liam with his budgeting.

Be Notified instantly when a receipt is added.

No need to check your email or your phone. IQBoxy sends a notification directly to your Watch when your partner, family member or employee adds an expense receipt. All your Linked Accounts activities are now transparent.

Learn about Linked Accounts receipt sharing.

User story

Olivia loves to plan & budget ahead.

Olivia has a spouse and wants to keep track of the family budget. She knows that budgeting is a pain. Dealing with numbers is a boring task. And the best of us somehow fall off the wagon. What if a machine could do it all for you and just let you know when a transaction was incurred by your employee or family member (ie. spouse).

Olivia will first enable Linked Accounts inside her IQBoxy iPhone app and then Invite her spouse to participate in her Linked Accounts ecosystem.

Once Olivia’s spouse has accepted and installed IQBoxy iPhone app, she will see his expenses marked in a different color alongside hers.

Furthermore, when Olivia’s spouse generates a financial transaction like an expense, she will be instantly alerted via push notifications to her Apple Watch. All she needs to do is simply glance at her Watch and now she knows.

No need to take her phone out, check email or be at home in front of a computer.

IQBoxy Notification for Linked Account on Watch
Dick Tracy showing IQBoxy on Watch

Dictate your expenses using voice. Let IQBoxy do the rest.

Typing is so yesterday. Now you can talk to your Apple Watch and record Expenses on the fly. A bit like Dick Tracy right.

User story

Ava is a young business owner.

She always keeps her iPhone buried deep inside her purse. Following a business lunch with a client, Ava records the expense using Apple Watch.

Ava glances at her Apple Watch. A long glance turns into a look which activates IQBoxy app on Apple Watch.

Ava presses the + icon on the Watch screen and dictates an expense. “$80 business lunch with Josh at Cafe Sydney”. And she is done. It’s that easy.

Now the IQBoxy automation magic takes over.

The Apple Watch sends the translated dictation to IQBoxy iPhone app in Ava’s purse. The iPhone wakes up IQBoxy app and tells it all the translated data plus geolocation data and sends it to IQBoxy Services in the cloud. Few seconds later IQBoxy Services has created an “Expense” for Ava in her account. The expense is now geotagged. If Ava has a cloud accounting service like Xero or Saasu connected, IQBoxy Services will also push the Expense with it’s Meta data to her cloud accounting account for accounting, tax and reporting.

Finally, IQBoxy Services updates Ava’s IQBoxy iPhone app of the Expense status. So if Ava wants to see the detail of the recorded Expense she can open up her IQBoxy iPhone app.

Perfect end-to-end accounting connectivity

IQBoxy (Watch + iPhone) + QuickBooks Online, Saasu or Xero = Perfect end to end accounting

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