IQBoxy is a Bookkeeper in your Pocket

What is IQBoxy

IQBoxy is a mobile-first platform empowering business owners with machine learning and real-time OCR technology to manage their finances on the go and in context. This eliminates the need for manual bookkeeping labor, saving business owners money and time every month.

Why Now?

Up until now, every solution we tried used smoke and mirrors. A human behind a spreadsheet in the cloud. It’s 2016. As software engineers with financial services background, we set out to change that. Say HELLO to IQBoxy. 100% machine automated mobile-first platform using machine learning with our secret sauce and a sprinkle of OCR. This provides a pleasant experience, fast processing speeds and real-time experience that business owners should demand in 2016.

Here's the Plan

IQboxy comes in 2 x Simple Plans. 1 FREE forever and 1 PAID at a ridiculous low investment. Here’s how we achieve this.

  • 1. We DO NOT charge for Receipt Storage, even on our FREE plan. Storage in 2016+ is dirt cheap. We are not in the storage business to charge you storage fees.
  • 2. IQBoxy utilizes its own OCR (optical character recognition) and Machine Learning to “remove human labor” altogether. Unlike our incumbents, we DO NOT use human labor to process your receipts. We use sophisticated machines end-to-end. Hence we keep the plan costs down 1/4 our incumbents rates, scale fast and provide a superior service where receipts are processed by machines in 10-15 seconds. That's exciting!

Try IQBoxy PRIME for FREE today. After 14 days you are welcomed to stay FREE forever on our scaled down plan SELECT or upgrade to PRIME at a low monthly investment. No storage fees. Even on the FREE plan.

~ Founders