About Our Company

How We Started the Journey.

Est. 2017

Why now?

Up until now, every bookkeeping software we tried employed smoke and mirrors; outsourcing back end operations to cheap labor countries. Praying eyes on our financial data. A human behind a spreadsheet in the cloud. As experienced software engineers with financial services experience, we set out to change this and bring about a new revolution in bookkeeping.

With the support of our friends at Y Combinator we made this a reality. Say HELLO to IQBoxy ~ a 100% machine automated end-to-end platform seasoned with our secret sauce and spices recipe. The end result is a product that provides a pleasant experience with real-time feedback and a system business owners and freelancers can trust in 2017. Best of all, we are only just getting started!

Our Integrated Financial Platform

A real-time machine powered platform that works for you.


IOBoxy Hub is your Central Control. Giving admins 30,000 feet visibility across clients and users. Gain deep insights in real-time and help accelerate your accounting.


Available in native form on


Nothing beats relaxing in bed making sure your practise is running smoothly. IQBoxy is available on iPad in native form. Android Tablet support is coming in 2017.


Speak to your watch and have your expenses recorded in real-time across the platform. Currently available on iTunes (iOS).