How We Started the Journey.

Why now?


IQBOXY was started by 2 software engineers (Ernest from Australia & Dmitry from Belarus) with a common pain point — outsourcing the health of our company’s bookkeeping to cheap labor was slow, led to more accounting errors and exposed personal financial information to preying eyes.

Along the way we were also inspired by John D. Rockefeller and his most sacred relic, Ledge A. He minutely recorded his receipts and expenditures so he could always know the health of his business and life.

“No less than his business life, Rockefeller’s private life was ruled by bookkeeping entries. Since he found numbers so clean and soothing in their simplicity, he applied the business principles…to his own personal economy. When he started working in September 1855, he paid a dime for a small red book, anointed Ledger A, in which he minutely recorded his receipts and expenditures. Many of his young contemporaries kept such record books but seldom with such exacting care. For the remainder of his life, Rockefeller treated Ledger A as his most sacred relic.”
~ Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller


IQBOXY is 100% machine automated end-to-end platform. IQBOXY Android and iOS mobile apps use computer vision and machine learning to consume physical or digital receipts and invoices, parse the data and reconcile the finances with your bank.

IQBOXY provides a pleasant experience on mobile and web with real-time feedback you can trust and truly throw away that paper receipt, invoice or bill. Best of all, we are only just getting started.

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Ernest Semerda, IQBOXY Cofounder

Ernest Semerda

IQBOXY Cofounder

Dmitry Birulia, IQBOXY Cofounder

Dmitry Birulia

IQBOXY Cofounder

Here for the long term

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Our integrated financial services platform

A real-time machine powered platform that works for you.


IOBoxy Hub is your Central Control. Giving admins 30,000 feet visibility across clients and users. Gain deep insights in real-time and help accelerate your accounting.


Available in native form on


Nothing beats relaxing in bed making sure your practise is running smoothly. IQBoxy is available on iPad in native form. Android Tablet support is coming in 2017.


Speak to your watch and have your expenses recorded in real-time across the platform. Currently available on iTunes (iOS).