Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Integration BETA

Bookkeeping doesn't have to be a chore. Even when you have QuickBooks Desktop that lives offline. The online world has now came to you through IQBoxy. Collect your receipts & bills using IQBoxy mobile and have your transactions make their way into your QuickBooks Desktop application. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of your choice of cloud storage for your purchases just incase.

Intuit QuickBooks Desktop - small business accounting software

Note: The instructions below make reference to IIF file. IIF stands for Intuit Interchange Format. A format developed by Intuit. IIF files enable you to import lists and transactions into your company file.

Connected Apps integration for Intuit QuickBooks Desktop


Pre-Req: You need to be a signed up member of IQBoxy This is the only way to gain access to Connected Apps like Intuit QuickBooks. Signing up is free and takes under 30 seconds to complete. Learn more about member benefits here.

1. Inside the app press "More" (located in the footer) and then from the More list press "Connected Apps".

2. Connected Apps will reveal a list of Business Accounting and Cloud Storage apps available for integration. Press the one labelled "QuickBooks Desktop". Then follow the instructions. These instructions are also emailed to you so don't worry about retaining a copy of them.

Exporting IIF with Chart of Accounts

You will be asked to export your Chart of Accounts from your personal QuickBooks Desktop and email to our automated system. Here's a screenshot of how the Export process looks inside QuickBooks Desktop.

Click image for larger version

5 minutes after emailing the IIF, you will receive a message on your phone and email that the process has completed. You are now good to go and finish the setup process inside IQBoxy mobile app.

Connected Apps integration for Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Settings

3. Back inside IQBoxy app, head to More > Connected Apps and click on "QuickBooks Desktop". You will see a Settings view as illustrated to the left.

4. Finish the setup process by changing the Settings to meet your business needs. When done, press "Next" button.

A set of instructions on Importing IIF file into your QuickBooks Desktop is presented. These instructions are also emailed to you so don't worry about retaining a copy of them.

Stamp Receipts with your Purchase Account

Now that you are setup you can go on using the IQBoxy app as you would. You will now notice a new cell inside Receipt Detail view showing an option to select "QuickBooks Desktop". This allows you to specify which Purchase Account this Receipt should belong to. You will see those Accounts are the ones in your QuickBooks Desktop.

Receipt Detail with QuickBooks Desktop Settings
Saving Receipt for QuickBooks Desktop
Requesting IIF in Reports

Importing Receipts into QuickBooks Desktop

1. First you need to generate a Report. Inside the app press "Reports" (as shown left). Then select IFF as the Report Format type after you have filled selected the date range.

2. Press "Request a Report". A Report with the IIF file will arrive in your Inbox (email) within 5 minuts of requesting.

Importing IIF with Chart of Accounts

The Report email you requested above will contains the IIF file with your transactions. It will also include instructions on how to "Import IIF" file into your QuickBooks Desktop app. The actual receipts are not included inside the IIF file. This is a limitation of the IIF format. However the notes field for each of the transactions will have a direct link to IQBoxy server to download the receipt.

Click image for larger version

Done! All your Credit Charges / Bills are now imported from IQBoxy and available inside your Transaction Center as shown below.

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Support: Need help?

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