Why IQBoxy

We think you will love IQBoxy, here's why

1. Fair Price point & Better All Round

Shoeboxed vs ReceiptBank vs Expensify vs Tallie vs IQBoxy
Learn more about choosing the right tool for your Tax obligations in 2017

2. Works with your cloud accounting systems

IQBoxy integrates expense data, workflow & codes receipts appropriately into QuickBooks Online, Saasu and Xero, without the need for any manual data entry.

IQBoxy is a proud add-on partner of Intuit Quickbooks - learn how to integrate IQBoxy is a proud add-on partner of Saasu - learn how to integrate IQBoxy is a proud add-on partner of Xero - learn how to integrate

3. Ease of employee use

IQBoxy is a modern and fresh iPhone app with Apple Watch support. IQBoxy is regularly updated and enhanced by a talented team in Silicon Valley. Regular release schedule means we flush out bugs fast and give you more features sooner. We take great pride in making IQBoxy a friendly app which you can trust and rely on. If you have feedback please contact us.

4. Saves you time

At it's heart, IQBoxy has sophisticated automation. Developed in sunny California (Silicon Valley), the tools do all the heavy lifting. From OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to automatic receipt detection to line-by-line Natural Language Processing. We have it. And more is coming. This means we can provide you a tool which is responsive, fast, always working and captured data is immediately available, not hours later like our competitors.

5. Compliance & customization

IQBoxy can be configured to evaluate expenses against company expense policies using a feature we call Rules. Think IFTTT (If This Then That); but for your Bookkeeping needs. You can further customize IQBoxy with a myriad of Rules to automate your daily bookkeeping requirements; saving you time and money.

6. Real-time receipt processing

No wait. IQBoxy runs a real-time receipt processing engine backend. Therefore once you submit your receipt via the app your receipts are queued by our server for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing. This happens in under 15 seconds. Email receipt processing has a longer queue around 5 minutes. This is still shorter then our competitors who will have you waiting up to 24 hours just to see your receipts show up inside you app. Yikes. Submit a receipt to IQBoxy and experience the sheer pleasure of real-time receipt processing.

7. No Bull customer support

Our No Bull approach to customer support Support is provided to you by a qualified IQBoxy engineer/s whom is a user of the product and understands it inside and out. We do not believe in outsourcing one of the most important parts of our business or connecting you to someone that reads a script.

8. No storage fees or hidden costs

Storage has became ridiculously cheap (see graph below). Modern businesses do not charge for storage unless they sell storage. Say "NO" to those that want to fool you into paying their overpriced storage fees when you are not buying storage.

Hard Drive Cost per Gigabyte (USD)

Take a look at IQBoxy plans & pricing which is based on features.

9. Secure, confidential and industry compliant to meet ATO/IRS standards

  • All communication is over HTTPS using TLS 1.2 - same stuff the banks use.
  • Our data center is AWS (Amazon Web Services) which complies with all industry standards like PCI DSS L1, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, IRAP to ITAR. Full list here.
  • Data at Rest is AES-256 encrypted and In Transit secured by HTTPS TLS 1.2. This means your data is super secure.
  • Your passwords are hashed using PBKDF2 and stored one-way encrypted. No one can see your plain text password; even if the data was exposed.
  • We perform a PenTest every Quarter (3 months). Upon request we can send you our latest PenTest.
  • You can also read more in our Privacy.

10. Worldwide Global currency support

We support 116 Currencies. We support clients from all countries where IQBoxy is used. IQBoxy app is available world wide for your consumption. Paired with our premium customer support, we have you covered.

11. Evolving product; gets better every few weeks

Whether it's the feedback/star rating you leave on iTunes or email or any online forum; we hear you. And we act fast. We don't just say we will do it and never do, we actually execute. To stay up to date we also recommend you subscribe to IQBoxy newsletter. No spam, just important news on IQBoxy.

12. Customers love us - 5 star ★★★★★ app ratings

Read the great customer testimonials on iTunes regarding IQBoxy. Big THANK YOU for the support and love.

Rusty Wojcik

Success Manager

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