Expense Management for Uber Drivers

As an Uber driver you already know that you are responsible for your own taxes. The up side of this is that you can take advantage of a number of tax deductions. And that means more in your pocket.

You probably already know that you can claim many of your bills when driving for Uber. But did you know you can use IQBoxy to collect your receipts, stay organized and always be on time and prepared for tax time?

Expense Management for Uber Drivers

Keep track of your Receipts for

Expense Deduction Category
Gas / Fuel Schedule C (Form 1040) Line 9
Maintenance Schedule C (Form 1040) Line 9
Mobile Phone and Charger(s) Schedule C (Form 1040) Line 22
Food and Drinks for Passengers Schedule C (Form 1040) Line 24b
Car Washes Schedule C (Form 1040) Line 9
Parking fees Schedule C (Form 1040) Line 9
Tolls Schedule C (Form 1040) Line 9

Many ways to collect Receitps using IQBoxy


Collect Receipts (Expenses) directly into your IQBoxy mobile app


Email us your Receipts (Expenses) directly to your IQBoxy email address


Add Receipts using your phones Album Gallery


Cloud Upload your Receipts to IQBoxy


Post an Envelope of your Receipts to us


Expense Receipts on your Apple Watch, by IQBoxy.com


Dictate your Expenses using Voice or Text


IQBoxy dashboard view

Scanning your Receipt

1. When you start IQBoxy app, you will see a dashboard view like the one shown left.

Notice the middle + icon with the text Collect in the footer of the app. The Collect button is used to capture pictures of your receipts. Inside you will also find tools to upload a receipt from your photo gallery, dictate an expense using voice or manually add the expense.

IQBoxy receipt photo capture screen

2. After pressing Collect, the view pictured left will show. Position the receipt under your phone's camera and push the round blue button to capture the photo.

If the camera in your phone detects low light, IQBoxy will automatically turn the bulb on. You might also notice the automatic receipt detection highlight the receipt in green. To improve receipt detection, lift your phone further away from the receipt. Both can be turned off by the switches.