IQBoxy for Proprietors - Business Owners & Contractors

As a business owner or a contractor you feel the pains of "doing the books" every month. Bookkeeping consolidation is a tedious process. Reimbursing your employees for their business expenses piles on top of this workload. It feel like a never ending pile of expenses to sift through. No business owner we met looks toward this end of month exercise.

IQBoxy empowers you with a mobile tool that is always there with you to collect those pesky expenses on the fly, in the moment and in context. Inside IQBoxy, business expenses are automatically separated from your personal expenses in real time. This eases the reimbursement process.

Once a receipt is snapped, let IQBoxy do all the hard work. IQBoxy will figure out what to do with your receipt (based on Rules) and stamp meta data to your expense. Furthermore, if you have My Team (formely Linked Accounts) enabled, IQBoxy will also notify the right party (eg. your bookkeeper or accountant) of your business expense in real time. Then like magic all this expense data & report show up in your business cloud accounting tools. IQBoxy supports integration into Xero, QuickBooks Online, Saasu and Freshbooks.

Yes it is that easy.

Mobile is eating the world

Benedict Evans from Andreessen Horowitz in Silicon Valley (CA) published a report on how Mobile is eating the world. The report provides a "macro view of how mobile is changing the technology industry, the internet and the broader economy".

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Why this matters?

Don't be left behind. The technology shift has already happened. People use their mobile smartphones more than desktop machines and they are always on the move. They expect content in context and now. That's the power of mobility. Empower your employees and yourself with the smartest and latest tools to help them and you get on with business and get stuff done faster.

IQBoxy in your workflow

Getting Started: How it Works

IQBoxy connects your employees

Illustration below: The boss is the Master account holder. Therefore they get to see everyone else's (employees) receipts. Employees cannot see each others or bosses receipts.

Use Case: Linked Accounts in a Business environment

Simple right?

Give IQBoxy a Free test drive for 14 days and experience the pain free experience of getting stuff done faster and better and most of all stressfree. Or your money back guarantee should you decide to upgrade to one of our paid plans.