FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Do you offer other form of receipt collection apart from scan directly into IQBoxy mobile app?

A. Yes. Go Green with Us! We also support processing digital receipts (paperless receipts) sent to a private email address we provide you after your registration with IQBoxy. Our system can process PDF, Image & Doc attached receipts with ease. More detail on this and how to reserve your personal private IQBoxy email address for email receipt collection is located here: https://www.iqboxy.com/blog/how-to-collect-email-receipts

Q. Any tips on how to remember the private email for receipt redemption?

A. Yes! You can add the private unique email address we assigned you and IQBoxy contact details directly into your phone’s Contacts. Just head over to:

Account > Personal IQBoxy Email or Receipts > + (to add receipt) > Email

and under the email address you will see a button that says “Add to Contacts”. Press it and like magic this email address will be accessible from any of your iPhone apps as a hint/suggestion when you start typing in IQBoxy. Now that’s fast access.

Q. Does IQBoxy Integrate with any Accounting Software like Xero or QuickBooks?

A. Yes. We support Xero accounting software & booking software to capture expenses (receipts) for reimbursements. 30 seconds to setup and works automatically. Full guide is located here: https://www.iqboxy.com/xero. If you want us to integrate with other accounting software please contact us.

Q. Is it possible to share my collected receipts in IQBoxy mobile app with my spouse or family member privately?

A. Yes. We call this feature “Linked Accounts”. You can add any family member and control who sees the receipts. Learn how to activate this feature by reading our guide located on IQBoxy Blog here: https://www.iqboxy.com/blog/linked-accounts

Also, as a bonus, you can digitize your Loyalty Cards into IQBoxy mobile app and share them with your family. Great for family members that visits from far away. Share your loyalty cards with them so they can maximize the benefits you enjoy. More about Loyalty Card support in IQBoxy mobile app here: https://www.iqboxy.com/blog/how-to-digitize-customer-loyalty-cards/

Q. Can I backup my receipts to a cloud based backup provider like Evernote or Dropbox for my own safe keeping?

A. Most definitely. The setup takes under 30 seconds to complete and once hooked in we take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Information on activating Dropbox sync is located here https://www.iqboxy.com/blog/connected-apps/dropbox-web-based-file-hosting-sync and Evernote backups located here https://www.iqboxy.com/blog/connected-apps/evernote-cloud-based-note-taking

We also support a suite other Connected App services which you can read about here: https://www.iqboxy.com/blog/connected-apps/overview

Q. How about backing up my receipts to Google Drive?

A.Yes, IQBoxy supports Google Drive to sync & backup receipts.

Q. I added over a dozen Loyalty Cards and now I cannot see the additional ones I add? Were they added?

A. To see those new cards off the screen you need to scroll the view down by grabbing the very corner of the right or left view (see screenshot below from my app) and swiping up eg. like you would be flicking the screen up or down when browsing long web pages on your phone.

Q. Do you support other world currencies apart from the dollar $?

A. Yes. We support 100 worldwide currencies. Inside your IQBoxy app, head over to:

More... > Change Currency

and change to a currency you like. Matter of fact we encourage you to try this feature because it will become useful when you travel overseas outside your base currency. You can use IQBoxy anywhere in the world recording expenses (receipts) using the local currency. IQBoxy retains knowledge of a currency for each every receipt and can help you with Currency Exchange for reimbursements.

Q. The paper scan picked up a slightly different total price on the receipt. Can I change the total price to the correct one?

A. Yes. Under My Receipts, click on the Receipt you want to update. This will open up a Detail view. Now click on the total amount (in green, top right) to change the value. A window will show asking you for a new Total Price. Enter it in and then its change.

Q. What else can I change on a Receipt after it has been added to my IQBoxy app?

A. Just like above, once you are in a Detail view of the Receipt you can click on the following items (all sporting a blue palette) to change them.

  • Date & Time - located top of the screen.
  • Transaction Type - located top right across from the Date & Time.
  • Places of issue - the 1st text field beneath the round brand logo. A logo may or may not be featured depending on it’s availability. We regularly add logos for places which do not have one so you should see a logo sooner or later.
  • Tags - click on Add Tag to “Categorize” this receipt under. eg. medicine, shopping etc.
  • Memo / Notes - located towards the bottom of the screen. It is great for storing tips or reminders on the place you just shopped.

You can read more about the Receipt Detail view here: https://www.iqboxy.com/blog/how-to-manage-receipts-tags-places-payment-currency/

Q. How do I export Reports?

A. At any time you can go into "My Account" and cick on "Reports" to generate a report. Reports are delivered via your registered email nicely formatted with charts and raw CSV format. This means you need to either signup or login with Facebook inside the My Account view.

Q. What is the best practise to guarantee the success rate of a Loyalty Card Barcode getting scanned?

A. Inside "Cards", select the card you want the retailer to scan, click it to bring focus to it and then rotate the phone sideways or upside down. This turns the whole screen into the Barcode associated with that Card. This will guarantee that the retailer can successfully scan your loyalty card barcode.

Q. Where can I get more tips, best practice guides and “how to” information on IQBoxy mobile app use?

A. You can find all the latest “Tip of the Day” listed on our Twitter account here @iqboxy tagged with a has tag IQBoxyTopOfTheDay. If you visit the URL below you will see an aggregate of all the tips: https://twitter.com/search?q=IQBoxyTipOfTheDay

Q. I have a question and/or feedback. How do I contact you?

A. Follow us on Twitter for more helpful tips or contact us via email if you have further questions or feedback.