IQBoxy for Employees

As an employee you know the pains of submitting business expenses to your manager for approval and reimbursement. Separating your personal from business expenses can rob you of your weekend free time. It always feels like a never ending chore of expenses to sift through. This is where IQBoxy helps.

IQBoxy empowers you with a mobile tool that is always there with you to collect those pesky expenses on the fly, in the moment and in context. Inside IQBoxy, business expenses are automatically separated from your personal expenses in real time. This eases the reimbursement process.

Once a receipt is snapped, let IQBoxy do all the hard work. IQBoxy will figure out what to do with your receipt (based on Rules) and stamp meta data to your expense. Furthermore, if you have Linked Accounts enabled, IQBoxy will also notify the right party (eg. your manager) of your business expense in real time.

Yes it is that easy.

IQBoxy in your business workflow

Getting Started: How it Works

Meet your ideal travel companion. Get reimbursed for travel expenses.

Using IQBoxy's Logbook feature, you can track vehicle business usage and claim it on tax (Tax Method 4). Logbook includes simplified record keeping, integrated receipts, battery safe GPS tracking and more. Learn more about IQBoxy's Logbook method.

IQBoxy Logbook Method 4 showing 3 cars on road

IQBoxy also delivers value at home

Illustration below: Both Milla and Marc are set as "Master" account holders in Linked Accounts. This means they both get to see each others Receipts.

Use Case: Linked Accounts in a House hold environment

Simple right?

Give IQBoxy a Free test drive for 14 days and experience the pain free experience of getting stuff done faster and better and most of all stressfree. Or your money back guarantee should you decide to upgrade to one of our paid plans.