Choosing the Right Expense Management app for your Tax obligations in 2017

We looked at 5 popular apps to manage expenses: (1) Shoeboxed, (2) Receipt Bank, (3) Expensify, (4) Tallie and (5) IQBoxy. We tested each to see how well they performed their core function--Collection and identification of receipts. If you want to skip ahead, the Summary finding are right at the bottom in the Conclusion section. Or keep on reading to see how we tested, what we looked for and why.

What we looked for

Want to see some Intelligence at work?

Note how fast the system identifies the logo without having to OCR any text. No humans. No smoke shows. Just Machine Learning at it’s finest.

Summary of Findings

Now you know what to look out for in your next bookkeeping app. Here is what we found in our review of 5 apps. Yes the last one was our own ;-) No fluff here. Just pure data. In the video links below you can see the timer used to measure speed and also the outcome of each scan to identify its ability to read the base receipt. If we missed something in our tests please let us know.

Shoeboxed vs ReceiptBank vs Expensify vs Tallie vs IQBoxy

Comparison Videos - see it for yourself

What is IQBoxy

IQBoxy helps you track, analyze and report on business spending. IQBoxy is a Mobile & Watch app which uses machine learning and real-time OCR to automate your expense management with seamless QBO, Saasu & Xero integration.

Why Now?

IQboxy was founded by software engineers with financial services backgrounds. We set out to change the fact that all of the existing solutions in the marketplace today inefficiently deploy human labor behind spreadsheets in the cloud. IQBoxy is a 100% machine automated mobile-first platform combining machine learning with our secret sauce and a sprinkle of OCR. This provides a pleasant real-time user experience built on fast processing speeds that business owners should demand in this day and age.

We hope you like IQBoxy because we’re just getting started. Our product road map for 2017 takes us deep into truly automating the whole bookkeeping process. Feel free to join us so that you too can enjoy the ride!

Your friends @IQBoxy Team