Budgeting 101 with IQBoxy

Budgeting is an important component of financial success. It is easy to setup inside IQBoxy. Once setup, you will make conscious decisions about how they'd prefer to allocate your business or personal money.

The key to spending within your means is to know your expenses and to spend less than you make. A good monthly budget can:

  • help ensure you pay your bills on time
  • have funds to cover unexpected emergencies
  • reach your financial goals
  • make long- and short-term projections
  • prevent a crisis
  • get the most out of your money
  • plan for major changes like having a child, starting your own business, going back to school or taking an extended vacation
  • experience the freedom of having money in the bank

Let's get started.

1. Setup your monthly Budget

Assumption: You already have a free subscription account with IQBoxy. Read Why Signup if you do not. Signup is free and only takes 30 seconds to complete.

1. Inside the app, on the footer menu press the "More" button. Then press View Profile (the 1st row). This will take you into your profile view as shown below left.

2. Now click "Monthly Budget Limit" (as shown below left) to set your Monthly Budget (shown below right). You only need to set a Monthly Budget and the software will calculate the rest for you. Now when you head to the Dashboard, you will see your budget calculations.

IQBoxy More > Profile > Set Budget
IQBoxy More > Profile > Set Budget
IQBoxy Dashboard > Budgeting charts

2. Get Insights on your Budget

The Circular Colored Charts on the Dashboard are Budget specific. Each Date Range is automatically calculated and color coded based on your Monthly Budget Limit.

The following color codes are applied when budget hits a percentile:

  • Up to 50% = Green
  • 50% to 75% = Yellow
  • 75%+ = Red

If you have questions or want something extra please contact us.