Link +1 Accounts

Linked Accounts allows you to invite anyone in your circle to share receipts with.

Why use Linked Accounts?

  • You want better understating of your households combined spending habits. You can invite your Spouse or children to share the receipts with. If you keep the 'Is Master' switch on during Invite, everyone in your circle sees the receipts. If you switch it off, only you see everyone's receipts.
  • You are a Business Owner and need better way to keep track of company's money expenses. Invite your employees to share their IQBoxy accounts. But make sure to turn off the 'Is Master' switch so only you see their receipts and they cannot see everyone's. After all, you are the boss!
  • You are a Life Coach and are helping your clients manage their money. Invite your client/s to share their receipts with you so you can advise on their spending habits.

TIP You must become a member to use Linked Accounts. IQBoxy membership is FREE.

Use Cases - for business (reimbursements) & home

2 major areas where Linked Accounts can help you speed up money management and productivity.

IQBoxy for Home IQBoxy for Work
Use Case: Linked Accounts in a House hold environment Use Case: Linked Accounts in a Business environment
IQBoxy Linked Accounts Invite screen

Link Accounts: Invite a user to Connect

1. Inside the app press "More" in the footer. From the list that shows up, press "Linked Accounts".

2. A view as shown below left appears. Top right is a + (plus) button. Press it to Invite a user to share accounts with. You will now see a view like the one shown left.

3. Fill out the details and press "Send Invite". The system will send the person you invited an email to connect and download the IQBoxy app (if they don't already have it). Making yourself a Master creates a 1 way connection where only you get to see the invitees receipts.

What's next?

Once an invited user has accepted your invitation, their status will show up in the main view of Linked Accounts (pictured below left). Notice the blue triangle next to the blanked user in the screenshot. This is the color assigned to this Linked Account.

Therefore, inside the Receipts view a blue triangle (depicted below) gets stamped on each of your Linked Account's receipts. You can edit such Receipts but you not Delete.

Linked Accounts screen with user Trinity connected
IQBoxy Receipts screen with Trinity's receipts marked with blue triangle screen