Rules: IFTTT for Bookkeeping

Rules simplifies your IQBoxy experience. It also speeds it up. Rules is for automating your workflow. The IFTTT (If This Then That) for Bookkeeping.

Access Rules from More section

How to access Rules

Access rules from "More" view as pictured left. You must be logged in to use Rules. If you are not, check out the member benefits of signing up. It's FREE.

Use Cases

  • Say you have work expenses you want to feed automaticaly into Xero for accounting purposes and/or reimbursements. You would setup a rule with a Tag "xero" (as per our Xero guide) and from "Origin" enable scanned & emailed (source of receipts) and under "Filter" select "paid with card". Finally enter the last 4 digits of that card below the filter selection. The system will look out for receipts with that specific card payment and when found automatically push them to your Xero account. Simple right?

  • How about you want "all" your receipts to go into Xero. You would follow the same steps outlined above but under "Filter" select "All". This means All Receipts should be automatically tagged with "xero" tag which is as per our Xero integration guide a trigger to push that receipt automatically into Xero. The same would apply for Intuit QuickBooks.

  • Or maybe you want to track receipts from a specific Place. Like a coffee shop. To see how much you spend on those Lattes. It does add up. In this instance you would select the "from place" "Filter" and an appropriate Tag name. The system does the rest automatically.

Rules section screenshot in IQBoxy app
Editing Rules in IQBoxy screenshot

Give these powerful rules a try and let us know what you think. If you would like to see additional rules added we would love to hear from you.