How to Manage Tags - aka Categories

Tags are like Categories. There is no limit on how many you can add per receipt. Use them for content grouping eg. "Lunch" for meal receipt or "Medical" for prescription drugs. It is that easy.

Correctly tagging your receipts will also:

  • Allow you to find them faster in the app's search,
  • Group common receipts for charting & comparising expenditures/price flactuations and
  • Empower you with detailed Ledger Expense Reports.

Tagging your IQBoxy receipt screen

Tag your Receipt

Tagging a Receipt is done inside the Receipt Detail view.

Tagging comes in handy when

  • You go on a holiday and want to keep track of spending specific to that holiday - like grouping.
  • Keep track of all your medical expenses for insurance purposes.

  • Find out how much you spend on that morning latte. It could be adding up.
  • Seperate your business from personal receipts.
  • Keep track of monthly shopping bills and/or baby expenses.
There is no limit! Tagging is fun.

Tag Summary and Tag Editing

All the Receipts you have tagged are now accessible in a Grouped manner from within the Documents view. A chart shows the top 10 most used Tags (as illustarted below). You can also click on the Tag to see all the Documents (Receipts & Bills) associated with that Tag.

Edit or Delete a Tag

If you want to Edit or Delete a Tag you can swipe the specific cell left and a view as shown below right opens up allowing you to Edit or Delete that Tag. Deleting a Tag doesn't delete the associated Receipts.

Documents view with arrow to Tags navigation
Tags view with Swipe to Edit or Delete Tag