How to Generate Expense Reports

Generating expense reports for tax or personal purposes is super easy and fast. Just click the Reports button in the footer of the app.

TIP: Reports are only available to registered members. Registration is free and takes ~10 seconds.

Requesting reports

  • 3 type of reports available - Receipts, Ledger and Vehicle logbook.
  • Each report has different options. eg. the Ledger report is the only one where you can filter by Tags. For example, you may want to know all your "work" related expenses involving "lunch". Easily done as pictured.
  • Request a PDF report. The Ledger report is great for reimbursements since you can be specific about "work" related expenses in a single PDF format. This yields on the 1st page a tabular summary followed by all the receipts inside the PDF document. This you can then hand to your manager for reimbursement purposes after a business trip.
  • Intuit Interchange Format (.Iif) format - we are supporting Quickbooks Desktop (offline). Available only to PRIME account holders.
IQBoxy Expense Reporting home
Sample IQBoxy expense report in PDF format
Report delivered via email example

Your Requested Report

  • Created within 5 minutes of request. Report is available in IQBoxy mobile app and via email.
  • The email expense report will look like to the one pictured left. A CSV file will contain your requested receipt data as an attachment.

Sample charts in IQBoxy email report

Monthly Round Up Report

A monthly round up report containing everything you need to know about the last month of activity is dropped monthly into all your Connected App Cloud Storage services. You don't have to do anything to receive this. We do it automatically for you.

Inside the PDF report you will find:

  • Summary for the month - total spent & receipts, year to date spent & receipts.
  • Line Graph showing Money Spent by Day (Based on Receipt Date) in the reported month.
  • Bar Graph showing Top Places by Money Spent in the reported month.
  • Bar Graph showing Top Tags by Money Spent in the reported month.
  • Table showing All Transactions in the reported month.

Furthermore, you also get a CSV (Comma Seperate Values) Excel file with All Transactions in the reported month. This way you can run your own formulas and chart graphs on the data directly in Microsoft Excel.

Need something else added to these reports for free? Contact us. We love feedback and want to make sure you gain value out of these reports.