How to Digitize Loyalty Cards

Got plastic customer rewards/loyalty cards in your wallet? Or maybe you don't because you have been afraid to get them incase your wallet explodes in size? Yeah us too. There is a solution. Read on..

First, a bit about Loyalty Cards

Traditionally Loyalty Cards come in many shapes and sizes. They take form like paper, key ring tag or merchant plastic card that tracks how many times you have shopped and spent money there. Loyalty Cards to the consumer (ie. you) provide you with rewards in the form of discounts, freebies, coupons/vouchers etc. They are awesome to use but a pain to remember to bring into store! Hence most are left at home gathering dust or consumers opt out of signing up for one.

Painful right? It was a pain we had and later found our friends & family too. We decided to solve this pain point and built the "Cards" feature into IQBoxy.

What is Cards

Inside the IQBoxy app, pressing the "menu" More menu icon in IQBoxy button slides open the command center, IQBoxy's main menu. There you would have seen "Cards" Loyalty Card icon listed in the menu. This is the home of your future loyalty cards.

Cards has a new home, Cards Wallet.
Still part of the IQBoxy family but now it's own dedicated cards app.

Loyalty Cards app

View Cards Wallet app on iTunes

It is a quick and convenient tool to digitize your physical loyalty cards into the one convenient and safe location. Keep on reading further how you can digitize your loyalty cards in around 5 seconds. It is that fast.

Why IQBoxy?

No doubt you would have seen other apps raving on about their ability to store cards. Heck, your phone's camera can store cards too. IQBoxy goes few steps further. It not only stores your loyalty cards into a digital format really fast but also:

Loyalty Cards screen in IQBoxy mobile app
  • Automatically connects your digitized loyalty cards to your receipts (financial transactions). The link allows you to instantly see total money spent at the loyalty card merchant and total purchases inc what was purchased. Cool ha?
  • With a decade of experience in retail, we know how important it is to make sure your cards scan at the point of sale. This is why we use our secret sauce to render a readable barcode on the device and present it in landscape mode to guarantee scan success.
  • Allow you to use your partner's or friends Loyalty Card in an instant. With permission of course. Linked Accounts gives you and your partner access to each other's account. It's sharing for receipts & loyalty cards. Think Safeway Club Price and help them earn rewards. This also works great for family or friends visiting you from overseas wanting to take advantage of specials only available to club members..

Why signup? Benefits to members

No worries. You don't have to. We secure your device as a unique entity and thus do not require you to sign up to use the service. But if you do sign up you will unlock a host of free goodies in the form of services such as:

  • Linked Accounts - mentioned above, it is the ability for you to share your Cards with your family or friends,
  • Reports - generated by our reporting engine and sent to your email address as an Excel spreadsheet,
  • Personal IQBoxy Email - your unique email address where you can forward/send your receipts to for immediate processing directly into your IQBoxy mobile app - it's fast!
  • Connected Apps - 30 seconds to connect with services you know and use today like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote or OneDrive and business accounting with Xero or QuickBooks.
How to add Loyalty Cards screen - 1, 2, 3

How to add Cards in 2 Steps

1. Clicking on "Cards" for the 1st time from the left menu reveals the Loyalty Cards section (as pictured). You need to start populating it by digitizing your plastic loyalty cards. To get started, add a Card by pressing the Add a Loyalty Card in IQBoxy icon plus button located top right in the Cards view.

Tip: Barcode in full view when IQBoxy app is tilted When you have added Loyalty Cards into IQBoxy, flipping the phone upside down renders the Card's number into a retailer scannable EAN128 barcode. Same position a retailer would position your phone for scanning the barcode at the POS (Point-Of-Sale).

Options screen for adding Loyalty Card to IQBoxy mobile app

2. Adding a Card is done 2 ways. Manually (as illustrated) by entering all the fields in the presented screen or automatically by scanning the card's barcode.

If the latter, engage it by pressing "Scan Card" button or the Barcode icon to scan a Loyalty Card in IQBoxy barcode scanner icon located top right. A scanner view (with a red beam moving up and down) will start and all you have to do is position your card barcode up underneath the phones camera. It will scan automatically once the barcode is in view and recognized. If former or there is no barcode on the card, then just type in the barcode number manually.

Finish off the process by entering information about the card (card issuer and optional notes) and select the "Card Color" ie. color coding your card for visual identification.

There you have it. Digitized loyalty cards in the one safe and secure location. No more bulky wallet. At the click of a button all your loyalty cards right there ready to be used.