How to Collect Receipts, Bills & Invoices

IQBoxy supports 7 ways to capture receipts (expenses). They are: Photo, Email, Upload, Reverse Cloud, Apple Watch and Dictate or Type. It is that easy and fast. You have a vast amount of choices to get those receipts to us. Let's look into each in more detail.

Photo - receipt capture method screen

1. Photo

To access your camera for smart photo capture with receipt detection, press the "+ Collect" button in your app's footer. A view like the one pictured left will show. By default the app uses "auto receipt detection" to find and auto crop the receipt you place under the phone's camera. Read our best practises on how to achieve perfect receipt capture quality. When ready press the blue circle button to snap a picture of the receipt.

Pro Tip: Learn more about capturing photos of your receipts including multiple photo capture in the 1 transaction by visitng this detailed guide here.

Email - receipt capture method screen

2. Email

  • Go green, save a tree.
  • Protect your inbox from retail marketing space.

Start collecting receipts via email. Forward your existing email receipts to your assigned IQBoxy E-receipt email address for processing. Also give retailers your IQBoxy E-receipt email address to send you receipts to. This stops you from getting spammed with marketing fluff from the retailer. We filter it. And you still get your receipt in your personal email box and your IQBoxy app.

How: When you login to "My Account", you will see your own unique E-receipt email address listed. Clicking on it reveals the screenshot to the left. We recommend you add it to your contacts so you never forget it.

Pro Tip: Learn more about this method by reading the detailed guide here.

Photo Upload - receipt capture method screen

3. Photo Upload

Have a photo of a receipt in your phone's Album gallery? Feed it to IQBoxy.

How: As per #1 Photo (above), press + to enter the receipt capture view. Then from the option in the footer press the gallery icon. This will bring up a view as pictured to the left. Now select your receipt and it will automatically begin uploading to IQBoxy.

Reverse Cloud - receipt capture method screen

4. Reverse Cloud Sync

Have photos of your receipts stored in your cloud storage provider like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote or OneDrive?

Interested in having those receipts appear in IQBoxy?

We got this. We call it "Reverse Cloud Sync". Our automated robots pull your Receipt photos and documents out of those Cloud providers and push them directly into IQBoxy mobile app. Think of this like the opposite to our Connected Apps where we push data out to those cloud storage providers.

How: Just drop or move your receipts (png, jpg, pdf, html, txt or docx format) into /Upload/ folder inside your Connected App folder (usually called: IQBoxy Receipts) and every 3 hours our robot will move them to your IQBoxy mobile app. It's that simple.

5. Apple Watch

Apple Watch - receipt capture using dictation from your watch

Glance at your expenses & collect receipts on-the-go.

See instantly expense receipts incurred today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month or last month.

Apple Watch gives you a faster complete picture of your expenses because the content is right there. There is no need to pull the phone out or navigate. IQBoxy on Watch shows you what's more important every time. Just raise your wrist and swipe. It's that easy.

Learn more about Receipts Watch by IQBoxy.

Dictate using Voice - receipt capture method screen

6. Dictate or Type

The power of the Watch for Collecting receipts now available inside your Smartphone. When you press + (Collect) to capture a receipt, the segment menu on the top has an option to Dictate. Press it and the following view will show up. Here you can use the Dictate icon in the keyboard to speak your expense to your phone or type in plain text the expense.

Use the Example as a guide on the best format to follow when recording expense using Voice or Text. Once submitted, IQBoxy service will translate the voice/text into formatted meta and make it available inside the Documents view. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Rusty Wojcik

Success Manager

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