How to Collect Paper Receipts

Don't let your wallet explode on the street in a shower of receipts! George Costanza in Seinfeld learned this the hard way. But you don't have to. Scanning paper receipts have not been easier. Read on.

Why scan paper receipts?

George Costanza from Seinfeld has Problems with Paper Receipts

  • Because they still exist and end up cluttering your wallet and pockets if not digitized.
  • Painful to manage in paper form, even with a shoebox. Retrieving or processing those receipts is a total nightmare. Worse, we all end up procrastinating thinking we will do it later. But why when you can let IQBoxy handle this for you.
  • The chance of you losing a paper receipt is high. It brings a quiver to my stomach to recall how many times I have lost receipts and then spent hours looking for them.
  • Avoid losing important business receipt transactions. Especially if they ATO/IRS related. An audit without receipts is never fun. Let IQBoxy safely store them for you.

Take control of your wallet today!

How to store your Receipts with IQBoxy

Boxing your receipts in a safe and secure environment is what we here at IQBoxy specialize in. 1 quick scan and you are done. IQBoxy services comprehension engine will OCR and process all your financial documents automatically. It's that easy.

IQBoxy dashboard view

Step by Step

1. When you start IQBoxy app, you will see a dashboard view like the one shown left.

Notice the middle + icon with the text Collect in the footer of the app. The Collect button is used to capture pictures of your receipts. Inside you will also find tools to upload a receipt from your photo gallery, dictate an expense using voice or manually add the expense.

IQBoxy receipt photo capture screen

2. After pressing Collect, the view pictured left will show. Position the receipt under your phone's camera and push the round blue button to capture the photo.

If the camera in your phone detects low light, IQBoxy will automatically turn the bulb on. You might also notice the automatic receipt detection highlight the receipt in green. To improve receipt detection, lift your phone further away from the receipt. Both can be turned off by the switches.

IQBoxy receipt capture more receipts

3. After pressing the blue capture button, the following confirmation view will show.

Here you can do 3 things:

  • "Retake" the receipt photo if you don't like the way it was captured
  • Finish the upload by pressing "Done" or
  • "Add Another Photo" to the bundle - for long receipts or itemized and signed receipt combos

Pressing the "Done" button completes the process and begins background upload to IQBoxy servers for processing in real-time. You don't have to wait for IQBoxy app to finish uploading. When it does, the app will notify you of its completion. That's it. It is that simple.

Power Tip: Backups

When you enable Connected Apps - the system will automatically push those bills/receipts into your personal cloud storage. Time to integrate is no longer than 30 seconds.

Video: How to scan multiple receipts using IQBoxy