How to Collect Email Receipts

Retailers are starting to ditch paper receipts for email digital receipts. All part of the go green movement and also an opportunity for them to target you with advertising via email. Ouch! Yes! That is the sad truth. Once you hand over your email address to them, you will start receiving a swarm of yellow digital envelopes in your inbox. Does it ever stop?

But we at IQBoxy have a solution for this too. When you become an IQBoxy app user, you will be assigned your unique IQBoxy email address. Then when the retailer asks you for your email to send you a digital receipt, give them your IQBoxy email address.

3 things will happen:

  • IQBoxy will now handle the processing of your receipts and make them available in your IQBoxy app,
  • IQBoxy will also Forward those emails to your personal email address you registered with so that you have a copy of the receipt too, and
  • IQBoxy will Filter the Spam emails advertising stuff you don't want! So you never have to worry about being bombarded with marketing spam from 3rd parties.

Supported email formats:

  • HTML email receipts
  • TEXT email receipts
  • PDF Attachment email receipts
  • Image Attachment email receipts
  • Something missing? Tell us and we will build it in under 2 days guaranteed.

IQBoxy More > Profile screen

Step by Step

Assumption: You already have a free subscription account with IQBoxy. Read Why Signup if you have not. Signing up is free and only takes 30 seconds to do.

1. Inside the app, press "More" button located in the footer. You should see a screen similar to the one shown left. Make sure you log in. If you are not registered, it is FREE to do so now.

2. The registration process will take you directly into your Profile view. If you are already logged in, pressing the "View Your Profile" cell (shown left) will take you to your Profile.

IQBoxy Paperless Receipts screen with user assigned email address

3. You now can see your profile and access your personal IQBoxy E-receipt email (shown left).

We recommend you always use this email address as a means to collect digital receipts. As a bonus, the IQBoxy services will filter all retailer marketing spam/ads and process your digital receipt by pushing it to your mobile device. That's pretty neat, right?

For easier access, we also recommend you add your E-receipt email to your Contacts. Press "Add to Contacts". And it's done.

Use cases

  • Enroll in "paperless billing" with PG&E, Verizon, AT&T etc and use your personal IQBoxy as the primary email to send bills to,
  • Give Macy's your IQBoxy email address to send receipts to,
  • Forward us your Credit Card receipts,
  • Got a photo, PDF or Document of a receipt? No worries send them to your personal IQBoxy email address - we handle those formats

Forwarding Amazon receipt example:

Amazon online receipt forwarded to your IQBoxy account

Note: You can also add your IQBoxy tags into the subject line and receipt will be tagged with your tags.

Power Tip: Backups

When you enable Connected Apps - the system will automatically push those bills/receipts into your personal cloud storage. Time to integrate is no longer than 30 seconds.