What version of IQBoxy am I running?

It is a good practise to make sure your IQBoxy app is always up to date. This guarantees you always have a stable, feature rich and bug free version of IQBoxy.

Current IQBoxy version is v1.7.4

If yours is not, then please update it here.

How to check your IQBoxy version

1. From the left hand menu (command center) press the speech bubble with the ? (question mark) in the middle. Illustrated below left screen. It is located bottom left of the screen.

2. "Ask a Question" mail window pops up as illustrated below right. Below the line that says "This helps us help you:" you will find your version of IQBoxy. In the example below it is v1.7.2.

It's that simple. If your version number is below the current IQBoxy version then please upgrade for free here.

Left-hand menu command center
Ask a Question - how to contact IQBoxy support