Slack - brings all your communication together

Yes, IQBoxy integrates with Slack. If you haven't heard of Slack then I encourage you to visit their website: All the marketing and benefits are listed there. Essentially Slack is your internal communications app. You may have used or are using the likes of HipChat or Yammer but Slack goes few steps above them. It features powerful and fast Notification integration into any other tools you may be using and the user experience is very slick and easy.


This is where Slack excels above the rest. You really don't need to visit a suite of tools to see whats up. The Notifications from those other tools can be made to flow seemingly into Slack. Since you use Slack to communicate to your team you can also see what's up with say Crashytics (crash reporting for mobile apps) or new documents uploaded to Google Docs or business expense receipts submitted for reimbursement by your employees in the field. This all happens instantly, live. Not hours later.

Check out the app on Slack app Directory

Slack at IQBoxy

At IQBoxy we are huge users of Slack for internal communication between our team in Australia and Silicon Valley. And naturally we have business expenses incurred on both continents. Sharing them in real-time eases the burden of having to do monthly reconciliation and chasing everyone up. We eat our own dog food as the saying goes using IQBoxy for our own expense management. Having IQBoxy integrated with Slack just simplifies expense reporting and transparency across the organization. Thanks Slack for providing us with an amazing tool!

How to integrate your IQBoxy account with Slack

Cloud Accounting support for Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Saasu

Step by Step Integration

Prerequisite: You need to be a signed up member of IQBoxy and have a Slack account. This is the only way to gain access to Connected Apps like Slack. Signing up is free and takes under 30 seconds to complete. Learn more about member benefits here and signup for Slack here if you do not have an account.

1. Inside the app press "More" in the footer. From the list that shows up, press "Connected Apps".

2. A list of apps IQBoxy integrates with will show up. Under "Productivity" is listed "Slack". Click on it to start the Integration process.

3. (shown below left) authorize access to your Slack team domain account by entering your teamdomain in the required field and hitting Sign In button. This is the account you will be integrating IQBoxy with write access to to a specific channel to post receipts to.

4. (shown below right) login using your Slack email address and password to start the Authorization process. IQBoxy never stores your password. This is safe to do. Note that in step 3 we used our own IQBoxy Slack team domain "IQBoxy" hence the screenshot here shows Whatever domain you used in step 3 will show up here.

5. (shown below left) authorize "IQBoxy Expenses" (the iPhone app) with listed permissions by pressing the green button that says Authorize. These permissions are required to allow IQBoxy services to send receipts to your Slack account even when you are not logged in to Slack on your desktop. IQBoxy will send receipts and meta data to your Slack account each time you scan a receipt.

6. (shown below right) select the Channel (folder) to send IQBoxy expense receipts to. You can also specificy whether you want this to be an automatic process (as shown below) or a manual process when you Tag your receipt with hashtag slack. When you hit Next the process concludes and your IQBoxy app is integrated with Slack. Congrats!

What to expect once connected to Slack

Based on the sync settings you selected during the integration process above, you will start seeing your receipts and their meta data inside Slack. Just as pictured below. If you do not see this or see something else, please contact us. We respond pretty fast and will get you back on the rails.

Slack mobile app - Slack mobile app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play store. The following screenshot is from an iPhone running the Slack app and IQBoxy integration. Note how the receipts are showing up with their meta data inside the #receipts channel (folder).

Slack desktop app - Just like the mobile app above, the desktop app is just as awesome and will show the same receipt data inside the #receipts folder (Channel as Slack calls it). You can use any channel you like to collect receipts.

Need help with Slack integration?

If you have any question related to Connected Apps and Slack integration please contact us or leave a comment below.