IQBoxy for Accountants

As an accountant you feel the pains of communicating with your clients. From communicating important business activity statement (BAS) dues to income tax return reminders. It is a lot of work. If you want to share some important news like your monthly newsletter, email no longer cuts it. The industry open rate for email newsletters open rate is 20% with a 2% click rate (source). But, don't worry, the team at IQBoxy has a solution for you.

Mobile is eating the world

Benedict Evans from Andreessen Horowitz in Silicon Valley (CA) published a report on how Mobile is eating the world. The report provides a "macro view of how mobile is changing the technology industry, the internet and the broader economy".

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Why this matters?

You do not want to be left behind. The mobile technology shift has already happened. People use their mobile smartphones more than desktop machines and they are always on the move. They expect business applications content to be in context and instantly available. That's the mobile mind shift and why mobile is eating the world. I am sure you can already see that the natural way to reach consumers is through their smart phone. This is where IQBoxy helps. IQBoxy platform is a mobile 1st service which allows Accountants to;

  • Whitelabel IQBoxy app using your brand; then distribute the whitelabelled version of IQBoxy app to your current and new customers.
  • Accountant Dashboard in app functionality opens up a communication channel (reminders & newsletters) direct to your exisiting and new customers.
See screenshot below with more explanations. Sounds interesting? Jump on board and contact us for more information or read on below.

Accountant IQBoxy Plan

The following is a quick snapshot of what the IQBoxy Accountant plan offers to members.

Whitelabel IQBoxy app

IQBoxy whitelabelled with your own brand. To the left is such an example from the WLW Group firm in Australia. Once your app has been whitelabelled, you can distribute it to your existing and new customers.

This way your brand, contact details and communication is encapsulated into your own app ecosystem which you control using a suite of administrator tools. The administrator tools allow you as the owner of the whitelabelled app to personalize and customize the experience inc. information about your business and how to contact you.

This is a very powerful method to keep your brand infront of your customers. It also leads into further communication via your Newsletters and automated Reminders outlined below.

Reach your customers


You may already know about the 2% open rate on traditional email newsletters. Furthermore, you are only going to reach your customers when they are infront of a computer. But not with IQBoxy mobile app. Reach those customers where ever they are in the world anytime. IQBoxy utilizes channels like APNS (in app notifications), SMS and email to make sure they engage with your newsletter.


Give value to your customers using automated reminders for their business responsibliitles like Business Activity Statements (BAS), Income Tax Return, Minimum Pension, Superannuation Guarantee (SG) and others. There is no limit to the amount of reminders you can provide them.

Changing Total & Currency screen in IQBoxy
Changing Payment Type screen in IQBoxy

Next steps

Contact us to learn more about the IQBoxy Accountant plan or Signup for the IQBoxy Accountant plan.